A downloadable game for Windows

You are the ghost of a waiter at a cafe who loved their job so much they came back from the dead to do it.
Once you have your tray with coffees on it then simply walk into the patrons to give them their drink.
New coffees spawn on a tray every 5 seconds if there is a tray on the side.

Controls are:
W, A, S, D - for movement forwards, left, backwards and right respectively.
Q, E - to rotate camera around the ghost (note it makes movement wonky).
Mouse - to turn the ghost.
F - to pick up the tray with the coffees on and also to drop it.
Spacebar - to go "Awooooo" (not really it has no sound) and spin round in a scwary fashion.

Note - There is a bug where if you drop the tray to close to where you get a new one then it'll stop the coffees from spawning and you wont be able to complete the game.

Install instructions

Download the 7.zip file to your documents and extract and then run the .exe.


GhostCafe - Fuzzpot Kenney Jam 2019 submission.7z 13 MB

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