A downloadable game for Windows

You awake in a cave with a mysterious sword in your hand and you can't get rid of it, worse yet it speaks.

There is a Cursebreaker at the end of the caverns that you are in that can remove the curse, get there with your sanity intact to get rid of the sword.

Every time the sword speaks you'll lose sanity.
Killing civilians will massively lower your sanity, beware that if your sanity is too low then you'll see the civilians as monsters.
Your Sanity is tracked by the meter on the left of the screen, the lower the blue and the more red visible, the less sanity you have.
If your sanity is too low then you wont see the Cursebreaker at the end of the level and will instead exit under control of the sword.

W - Move Forward
S - Move Backward
A - Turn Left
D - Turn Right
Spacebar - Swing sword and attack
Alt+F4 - Exit (I realised after I'd built the game that I forgot to allow for "escape" to exit the game)

The game is in a zipped folder so you'll need to unzip it to be able to run the .exe

Install instructions

Download and extract the files, then run the executable.


Cursed Sword - Fuzzpot Kenney Jam 2020 Submission.7z 12 MB

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